Milton Training

About Us

Passion. Experience. Diligence.

Our Mission

Milton Training is, at it's core is a training organization. We train for success, whether it be in a classroom, one-on-one mentoring, business consulting or personal credit repair; we share knowledge with our community. We quantify our success, not by the amount of money we make,  but by the amount of lives we touch. We stride to continuously improve our knowledge so that we many in turn, improve our community.


Our Values

Milton Training will never give advice, or charge for a service that we ourselves would not accept. In order to honor our mission, we will always put the customer's success first.

Our Vision

It is our vision to create a non-profit branch that will support and mentor up and coming entrepreneurs.


Our Staff



Dedra Simmons

After going through the arduous task of buying her first home, Dedra wondered if the people in her community knew that was a viable option and they too could own a piece of the American dream. Armed with the knowledge gained from repairing her own credit, she decided to share the information with as many people as she could reach. Because she knew first hand how daunting credit repair could be, Dedra often did all of the legwork and research for her friends, family and community members free of charge. After hearing a motivational speaker repeat an old mantra, "It's not work if you're doing what your love", Dedra decided to make this thing she loved her "job", and hasn't regretted it at all.

Dedra's resume is packed with C-Level administrative and operational support positions. Working in just about every industry from legal, medical, finance and non-profit, to manufacturing, printing and technology, she learned everything from creating and managing million-dollar budgets and submitting government contractor bids for large-scaled projects, to creating curriculum and editing novels . By becoming a "Jack of all trades", Dedra has been able to help anyone in need with both personal and business matters.

What started as a way to help her community has turned into a full-time job. But, if doing what you love earns an income, it's not really a job.