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Advocating for small businesses

Milton Training was created by a small business owner to serve anyone who's contemplating starting a business or has a new business that needs a little boost. We understand the anxiety, stress and yes, rewards of operating a small business. Our business model is simple: we both succeed when you succeed. Since we have skin in the game, Milton Training is truly vested in your well-being. All of the legwork required to start a business can be overwhelming, so we take the worry away from you. We’ll ensure your business is in compliance with the government, help structure your business strategy, and market your products or services to a targeted customer base.

The startup and small business marketplace is still an ever-changing and fierce frontier that requires a steady hand to navigate it. We'll connect you with other small business owners who have already faced the same obstacles you're seeing through our Facebook group. It's a place where like-minded entrepreneurs gather to share ideas. Here at Milton Training, we offer a competitive advantage to help you save money and make more of it in the long run.  Our holistic approach is essential to any company looking to get started or grow.

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What I know for sure is when you remove the “what’s in it for me” and take on the mindset of “IM WINNING WHEN WE ALL WINNING”...... that’s when it all falls into place!!!
— NeKisha B, Detroit, MI

We Become Your Silent Partner

Business strategy

The way entrepreneurs conduct business is radically different today than it was just a decade ago. Business cards, promotional events and marketing materials have been replaced with social media. Let us help you navigate the waters of creating a sound strategy that helps you ride the waves instead of fighting the current.

social media engineering

More and more Americans are consuming information online. Millennials are said to consume  90% of their news and entertainment on Social Media. We're using digital content and social media to increase our visibility and we can show you how.

credit counselling

The goal of every small business owner is to grow the business without negatively affecting their personal finances. We know that's easier said than done, but there is a way to do it. Let us help you navigate the credit world with our counseling and repair services.

We make a living by what we make.

We make a life by what we give.
— Winston Churchill